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Junkernecking- trash or treasure


Junkernecking (n.) a form of rubbernecking used to determine if roadside junk is trash or treasure

If you have never been guilty of looking backwards in a review mirror or going around the block to see if something is salvageable- I'm not sure if you are on the right blog. I have kept a list for the last few years of things that I get most excited to find.

I am a huge fan of repurposing what some might consider trash. Kelly and I even went junking the night before our wedding. After our rehearsal dinner, we jumped in our truck and drove around town. Our town is lucky enough that the city puts on "bulky waste clean up" twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. No matter the fact that it was my birthday AND the night before our wedding. We filled up the truck bed not once, or twice, but THREE times. That was a few years ago, but my table on my deck has held up nicely.

What are some of your favorite things to look for when searching? I know most people love furniture for the obvious reasons. A couple coats of paint and you have an easy flip. Rethunk Junk is great for this! No sanding, no waxing, and it sticks to about anything.

Do you sell your treasures or keep them? Our business started from flipping "trash" into treasures and grew from there. But I still get asked all the time what are some of my favorite things to find when junking?

Almost everything in this photo (except the wreath) is made from junk. The wood is all scraps that we were given. Some paint and some creativity and you have some seasonal decor.

I remember our first vendor show we did. We had zero idea on how to stage products or set up a booth. There have been so many events since then and we learned so much. But that is for another post.

You can follow me on Pinterest and we can share ideas on what to do with all of these treasures.

Other than these city wide junk days where do you like to go junking? Where I like we have Goodwill, Salvation Army and lots of local antique and thrift stores to dig through. Flea markets really aren't that popular where I live.

Tell me what your favorite finds are! Here are mine.


Junkernecking List

  1. cribs

  2. headboards

  3. railings

  4. Chairs (even broken ones with spindles) Ok really anything with spindles (look up spindle crafts on Pinterest)

  5. Cupboards

  6. doors

  7. fence pieces

  8. wicker baskets (Paint these- use as storage or put a plant in it)

  9. good card board boxes

  10. glass jars in good condition

  11. old lamps (even if they don't work- you can put solar lights in them or turn it into a side table)

  12. Picture frames

  13. glass shades


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