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You did what with a napkin?

My latest crafting obsession involves napkins. Yes you read that right, napkins.

It's pretty simple and can dress up any of those old jars or buckets you saved because they were just too good to throw in the trash. But this is one of my favorite things to do when I just need to make something but not sure what it is. After we moved the shop, I just knew I had to make something and the highland cows were the first thing on my mind. Really, I have used this method on wood and cork coasters, glass jars, metal buckets, wood signs and probably a few more things I can't remember. It's super easy and fun.

You are going to need a few things to do this project.

A jar or bucket or piece of wood etc, napkins in your favorite print, scissors, a paint brush, and Rethunk Junk's Gunk, prep and paint. You can get all of Rethunk Junk's products online through our link or in our store.

First step is prep the jar, then paint it and let it dry.


Next we are going to prep our napkin. There are 2 pieces to mine, so we are going to peel away the print part from a plain white backing. Then I like to take my scissors and trim around the extra part of the napkin that doesn't have any print on it.

Then we are going to put a very thin layer of gunk on your surface where you want your napkin to stick.

I then get my brush covered in gunk, and starting from the middle cover and seal your napkin down. Be very gentle not to rip your napkin as they are thin.

If you do rip the napkin just wipe it off before it dries and you can start again. Orrrr let's say you put the napkin on crooked. You can really get crazy and make some fun stuff. Check out all the different projects I have done just in the last few weeks.

Once fully dry, you can finish decorating your project. I usually let mine dry overnight.

I'd love to see what cute things you make with this! Feel free to share your projects.


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