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Check glass art off the bucket list

My personal FB post was captioned. "Check glass art off the bucket list", so let's just title this blog that. I can't believe it has already been three months since I have gotten to experience this, but it was hands down one of the BEST experiences I have gotten to do.


Dec 15, my friend Tana and I traveled to Davenport, Iowa to visit Hot Glass, Inc, It is right on river drive close to modern woodman park. We had made an appointment the week before and had to sign a waiver. The project they were offering this time was an XL glass ornament. They told you what to wear and not to wear. Pretty easy and simple process to book and get to the place.

So as we get to the studio and its breathtaking beautiful with the artwork. I whispered to my friend Tana, "Look how pretty everything is". Glass crosses the size of me. There are huge pieces hanging and sitting everywhere. I was terrified I was going to sneeze and bump something. Could you imagine?

There were people in shopping and picking up their orders and projects as we arrived. You do have to go back another day and pick up the piece that you make. I think Tana went back the next day to get ours, because she could NOT wait to see them.


We checked in and had about 5 minutes of wait time before we were called to make our glass ornaments. Options were given to us to pick the colors of our glass. I believe there were about 10 different options of a pre mix glass. If you know me, you know there were 2 options for my ornament, black or purple. Purple was the winner. Tana did white.

You can see some of the other color samples on the table here. It is run by a father son duo. The son helped and instructed us, while the father was working in the studio as well.

They do have a retail area as well if you aren't into the DIY stuff.


They do a great job of explaining what the processes is and where the material comes from. It was so neat to see something come to life from sand. They pick up the glob of glass, and help you put your colors in. Then it is rolled on a table. Next they help you put it in the kiln I'm guessing.. brb I am going to go google this. Boy was I wrong. While it is not a kiln, it is called a glory hole.


A couple pictures of my ornament and one of Tana's white ones. They showed you how to make the little color beads either swirl in the piece or stay little bubble of color.

I love that this is another small business that is family owned. It was great seeing the another business owner passionate about their craft. I think this would be a fun thing to do for a date or a birthday. Not only you get to create something fun and functional, you get to experience too. I will forever remember this.

So excited we went. I would recommend that you get to experience this. I want to take Bri for her birthday. 10 out of 10 stars would do it again.


104 Western Ave, Davenport, IA, United States, 52801


  • (309) 236-9223 Mobile


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