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10 Facts about me

I struggle with blog topics, while I am learning to blog. So like most people I know I go to Pinterest to look up information. Even looking up topics to blog about on Google, they suggest making a list of "10 fact about yourself". 4 out of 6 blog idea pins, suggest writing about yourself. I enjoy reading this about other people, but I don't find myself that interesting. Is it just me, am I the problem? Let's see if I can make this interesting at all. I did LOL out loud as I typed that.

1- I collect spoons. Somehow, my parents started collecting spoons for me when I was an infant. Now in my late 30s, I have 3 cases hanging in our bedroom. Specifically made to hold my spoon collection. I have some from all over the US and a few other countries. My mom and dad started getting them for me when we would travel when I was little (I think that is the story I remember being told). Now that I am older, when my family travels they bring me back a spoon. When I traveled I would also pick up spoons. I had one made for when my child was born, so I have one with Brianna's name and birth date. I'll have to take some pictures and add them to this later.

2- I'm terrified of trains, teeth, feet, traveling, and bugs. They are all pretty self explanatory, but if you need more explanation on why I don't like to travel- read my previous blog post.

3- I LOVE fishing. Not just, oh I am gonna throw a worm out and see what bites. Kelly and I go fishing year round. Ice fishing is so fun and it's even better when men find out that they got out fished by a woman. Someday I hope to travel again and do some ocean fishing and to go noodling some where. If you don't know noodling is where you stick your hands or feet in a hole under water and see if a giant catfish is in there. Then you get it to bite your hand and you pull it out of the hole. CPR Catch, Photo, Release. I could talk about painting and fishing all day... next topic.

4- (Here is where I run out of things to talk about) I lost count of how many tattoos I have. I stopped counting at 20. My 2 favorites are- the one in my Dad's hand writing on my arm and the one that matches Kelly's. Yes they are addicting, no I don't regret them.

[My 2 favorite tattoos]

5- Birds. No not Alfred Hitchcock's movie. Although, that movie is really creepy. I love feeding birds in my yard. Every morning I get up and feed my outside birds, while MJ (our dog) goes potty. Then we go inside and have breakfast and watch the birds and get ready for the day. We typically see about 10 different species in our yard this time of the year (November). It started when Kelly made bird feeders for the shop. Now he even has a favorite. A male Red Bellied wood pecker. He comes and gets peanuts every morning and most evenings.

[One of our daily visitors on our bird feeders]

6- I have 2 degrees. My Undergrad is in Business Management and my Masters is in Education. In my early adult life I wanted to open a Daycare Center. For a few years I even taught, but life threw a few curve balls and here we are now. I would like to think that what I do now, running a DIY business and teaching craft classes counts as using both of those degrees. Bonus fact, the only person to come see me graduate with either degree was my Aunt Rina. (Brianna was too young and Kelly wasn't in the picture) Thanks Aunt Tuna, if you ever read this.

[Me graduating with my masters in education]

7- When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a model. WHAT? lol No thank you- I'm very happy living in BFE, where we have one stop light in the county.

8- Baseball is my favorite sport (next to fishing). I could watch kids play all the way up to the major leagues. I used to coach my little sisters softball team, I used to play softball. StL Cards fan, but I also cheer for the Cubs. I will cheer for any team except the Dodgers and the Yankees, but even then, Aaron Judge is fun to watch.

[My dad and grandpa at a cardinals game we got to go to]

9- I have an addictive personality. What does that mean? That means that I am 1000% yes about something or not. I don't drink alcohol or gamble. I can't let myself because I can't set healthy limits. I am very much addicted to working, but I am very much working on that. I know that my self worth isn't tied to my productiveness... trust me, its a work in progress.

10- Writing this made me so uncomfortable. Not sure why. I did have fun looking up photos for it. Even found a few that I had forgotten about. Do you like talking about yourself? Maybe it's just me. Did you learn anything new about me? I didn't. Over the past year I have tried really hard to become friends with myself, and I think I have done a good job at it. Working on healing that inner child, teenager and becoming a better me.

Let's end it with a good quote- " You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have"- Maya Angelou

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