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Update 1 year later- Bathroom make over using Rethunk Junk Paint

We have been obsessed with Rethunk Junk paint for a few years now and I'm still having fun Rethunking things around our home.

In April of 2021- we did a budget friendly makeover on our tiny bathroom at home using just Rethunk Junk paint and some new fixtures.

You can read the original blog post here

I still love our new bathroom. My favorite part is the stenciled floor.

Steps to a new bathroom floor

  1. Prep well

  2. Paint

  3. 2 coats of Tuff top

This is our main bathroom and only shower, meaning it gets used constantly. We have 3 cats and a 90 pound lab.

When I say that I am amazed at this paint; that is a serious understatement.

On the left is the finished project in April 21. On the right is a photo I snapped last week.

Disclaimer- where is looks like they grey wore off is how I painted it. So it looks like old cobblestone.

It hasn't chipped anywhere or has any of our pets nails scratched it.

Everything else has held up wonderfully. I just wish my housekeeping kept my bathroom looking neat and organized.

For more information on Rethunk Junk paint online click here.

Or you can visit our store as we are authorized resellers

104 w Market St

Mt Carroll, IL 61053.

Happy painting.

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