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Bathroom make over using Rethunk Junk Paint

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I gave our bathroom a face lift! And I'm in love with it! There that is all you need to know! HA! kidding. So here is how I did it for you DIYers out there.


I have a new bathroom for less than $300 including all supplies and new hardware.

Rethunk junk paint Walls and ceiling- Morning Mist 2 pints Floor- Semi Sweet and Grey Mist Counter- Grey Mist Trim- Midnight Cabinet and shelf-Farmhouse Navy Prep and tuff top. Total Less than $150

New hardware from local hardware store. (Toilet paper holder, sink faucet and light fixture) $138 and change.

First make sure you have all of your supplies. I had to special order the lights I wanted the faucet so buy the time those came in it felt like we had been working on the bathroom for ever. In reality it was less than week.

I basically started at the top and worked my way down. Started with cleaning the ceiling with a damp rag and wiped down the walls. There were a few spots in the shower that were in really rough shape and had lots of paint flaking. So I lightly sanded the loose paint off to make sure I had a smooth finish to start with.

I did 2 coats of paint on the walls and ceiling. This was the most time consuming part to me. I wanted to make sure it was covered well to hold up to the humidity in the bathroom.

While the first coat was drying I went outside and slapped a coat of paint on my furnace vent and some new baseboard trim for around the door. I also painted the shelf hanging above the toilet. Next I worked on the sink area. The mirror frame is Farmhouse Navy and matches the cabinet and the shelf. Painted and moved the knobs on the cabinets. I filled in the old holes with wood putty and sanded. I probably should have choose something other than Midnight and Navy with such a small room but I love it. In person you can definitely see a difference but it doesn't photograph well and they look similar. The counter top was fun! Prepped really well and then a super thin coat to start. Second coat is a coverage coat. I know my husband and kid are not the neatest in the bathroom so I probably did overkill on the tiff top but 3 coats is what I used. Last thing which was also the most fun, the floor. I honestly had ZERO clue how this was going to go. I have stenciled one or two things with work but never a floor. I already had stencils I ordered several years ago but I did link up the stencil in the supply list. I have more big plans with these stencils.

I basically started in the corner and worked my way around the bathroom. Tip- grab a bigger paint brush than the one that comes with it. I just used one of my brushes from the shop. I lightly dabbed all over the stencil. I didn't completely paint the stencil area solid, I was looking for more of the stamped worn look. I used a little bit of tape on the edges just to make sure my stencil didn't move. I did all the solid stencils and then used my second one that was clean to fill in around the edge of the room.

I still need to caulk in a few spots but over all I am amazed at how it turned out. Really I got up in the middle of the night last night and just stood there staring at it.

A few other notes- the removeable peel and stick window tint was also gotten off of Amazon. It sticks with water and allows privacy but also lets natural light in. Since this is our only bathroom for 3 people we have a LOT of stuff so every inch of the room is used to store something and adding the bright light makes it look bigger.

So if you give a girl a paint brush- she is going to paint her entire house! My to do list just doubled. Wait until you see what else we are going to paint!

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1 Comment

Suzanne Stratton Heflin
Suzanne Stratton Heflin
Apr 07, 2021

So I'm a little confused ... you say that the trim is Midnight but it looks like Farmhouse Navy. Then in the last pictures, side by side, looks like perhaps you first did Midnight and then decided to switch to Farmhouse Navy? I just want to be sure because I'm about to do my island in the Midnight (over my original Farmhouse Navy ... don't like the Navy against my granite) and want to be sure it's truly black.

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