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Things I wish I had known before starting my own business.

Somehow, I have been a small business owner for almost 20 years. That just sounds so strange. You know those pictures of people who say that they don't feel look but look old- it is relatable.

My first business was an in-home daycare, when my daughter was an infant. We were state certified, and I learned so much from that experience. Thankful to have been able to stay at home with my daughter until she started school, but daycare is HARD work.

Over the last few years my business has grown beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and life has thrown myself and my family a few curve balls. I've made more than a few mistakes along the way and I that is part of learning and growing.

But if you want to start your own business, not matter what that might be, I have a few pieces of wisdom to share with you.

Things I wish I had known before starting my own business.

1. Not everyone is going to like you

Believe me when I tell you that is ok. There are going to be people who will go out of their way to try and knock you down because they are jealous of you or intimidated by you, or just because misery loves company. Do not let it bother you. Dust it off your shoulder and move on. You will find your people and they will find you.

2. Not everyone is going to support your business.

This one took me years to figure out. No matter what kind of business you have, there is going to be someone out there that can find something wrong with what you do.

3. Don't be afraid to fail, dust yourself off and try again.

Failure is scary, there is no doubt about that. But you learn a lot from those failures and the important part is to find the lesson and use it. Do not let it go to waste. Every has to start as a beginner at some point in their life.

4. You have to enjoy learning!

Learning about yourself, your customer, and your community. It is imperative to grow, change and evolve. When I first started my first business in 2005, Facebook was still new and now it is difficult to find someone who doesn't know about social media. There are entire careers based around social media marketing. As you learn and grow, your business is going to as well.

5. Start now! Don't wait for the right time, don't keep putting it off. Start yesterday.

I know hindsight is 20/20, but the one thing you cannot buy more of it time. Start working towards those dreams and goals of yours. The sooner you start the sooner you will be able to achieve them.

I am so proud of how far my business has come. If you have the calling in your heart, I know you will be great at it too.

They call us dreamers, but we're the ones that don't sleep.

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