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8 Things to Know Before You Buy a Glowforge

8 Things to Know Before You Buy a Glowforge

1.The Glowforge is big, but you can run it inside. So many people have been surprised at the size of the Glowforge when it arrives. It’s approximately 38″ by 21″ by 8″ and weighs a little over 50 pounds. It will come in 2 boxes, one will include the machine and the smaller box will include the tray, power cords and sample materials and more. I used to have mine in a spare bedroom upstairs but it is now in the basement vented outside.

2. The Glowforge has to be vented. There’s no way around this – you’ve got to vent it either through a window or by using the compact filter. I do not own a compact filter and choose to vent through a window, from what I hear the compact filters are a waste of money. I have 2 inline fans for each of my lasers that help vent it.

3.It can be smelly. Even with a vent, some materials can be stinky when you cut or engrave them (I’m talking to you – acrylic- think about getting your nails done- it kind of smells like that). The smell goes away quickly, but if you’re sensitive to smells the it might not be for you.

4.All the Glowforges do the same thing. Whether you choose the Basic, Plus, or Pro models – they all function the same. The only differences are a wattage difference and the passthrough slots of the Pro. If you plan to cut acrylic, they all cut acrylic. If you plan to engrave wood, they all engrave wood. The warranty also varies by each model. l personally have a Basic and a Plus. I cannot tell a difference when cutting, so I would say the extra warranty isn't worth the extra cost. Either go with the basic or the pro (the pass through slot if you are going to be cutting larger signs).

You’ll need the internet. The app that runs the Glowforge interface is cloud based, so you’ll need to be connected to the internet to cut.

5. You can’t engrave tumbler cups. Nope, you can’t engrave stainless steel tumblers with the Glowforge. Why? They are too tall. The maximum height for anything in the Glowforge is 2 inches.

6. There’s not as much help out there. Glowforge doesn’t offer user support via phone. You are limited to email or chat. Personally, I’ve found chat to be faster than emailing. There are also a few Facebook groups and Youtube channels that offer tutorials.

7. How loud is a Glowforge? I’d compare the sound of the Glowforge to a vacuum cleaner. Cutting or engraving some materials are louder than others. Overall, the Glowforge is loud enough that I’m not able to use the machine while my family is sleeping. You can also opt for slower cutting rates to keep the fan noise down.

8. Materials and more... The possibilities with this machine are endless. From cutting fabric, to engraving on food, leather, acrylic, wood and so much more. Since the Glowforge and other lasers have become so popular and somewhere more affordable, there are suppliers all over the internet. Just make sure you read up to make sure that the materials you are using are safe for you and your laser. I am in many groups on facebook that offer materials for the Glowforge

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I know you want a Glowforge, but they are expensive. Luckily, there is a way to save on a Glowforge. I can give you a discount. That’s right, as an owner of a Glowforge I’m entitled to pass along a discount to you. Just click the link below and the discount will show up on your checkout page. I’ll get an equal referral bonus as well.

How Much Will You Save?

  • If you purchase a Basic model, you’ll save $100.

  • If you purchase a Plus model, you’ll save $250.

  • If you purchase a Pro model, you’ll save $500

Link to order your own Glowforge

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