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Top Apps that I can't live without (Small Business owner- Entrepreneur edition)

Top Apps that I can't live without (Small Business owner- Entrepreneur edition). Social media, apps to save me money, to learn and more.

What is your most used app on your phone? I learned a few years ago that spending more time on social media and my phone in particular has a negative impact on my mental health. I'm sure that your phone will tell you how much time you spent on what app. Here are my top apps and a few runner ups and why I use them.

Facebook (Isn’t it obvious?)- I think this shows my age and my customers age. I really do spend most of my time on here posting about our business AND for personal things. I do have to watch how much time I spend on here.

Pinterest (not just for work- to get inspired and organized) How did we survive without Pinterest? I am pretty sure that I use this more than google. I organize so much information, ideas, motivation, recipes and more.

IheartRadio (Music and Podcasts) I always listen to my music on here while I am working- but I have just gotten into podcasts. Jennifer Allwood and Mel Robbins are my current favorites for entrepreneurs.

Fetch- Yes you really make money and earn gift cards with online shopping and scanning receipts (use my code 3WRJCC for free points) In the last 3 months I have earned $100 in gift cards. I get lots of points for shopping on Amazon and Dollar General. If you sell on Etsy I also get 25 cents for ever sale I make on there.

Upside- I have earned over $20 back in less than a month using Upside- You get cash back when you get gas (use my code JWKJ3F). You get cash back from getting gas at participating gas stations. Just try it, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Canva (editing photos and creating images for social media) Remember how popular PicMonkey used to be? You can edit photos, make all sorts of stuff for print and digital marketing. You can even make your own logo.

Runner ups

Wix (our website host)- I've found wix to be pretty easy to build your own website, and their customer service is top notch too.

Amazon to shop? Isn't that what it is for? guilty pleasure- I like that I can subscribe to stuff and it just shows up at my door.

Tiktok( Guilty Pleasure)- I learn stuff on here too, and post. I know people use it to promote their business but for right now I just like it for fun.

Etsy (work)- We sell on here and I also shop, I buy files and gifts and so much more.

What are your top used apps on your phone?

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