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The first product of College Street Creations ever!

If someone were to tell you that you would have a life changing moment while trick or treating would you believe them? Probably not, but that is exactly when I received my first custom order that would eventually turn into College Street Creations.


I can tell you right down to the day that I completed what was our first order ever. November 8, 2012. That seems like a LIFETIME ago. While I am writing this it is just over 10 years ago. I wish I could go back and hug that younger version of myself and tell her she's doing a great job.

While taking Brianna (my kiddo) trick or treating in Savanna in 2012, we ran into some friends of ours and Steph asked me to crochet her son a stocking hat. I can tell you where we were even standing. She had an idea in mind but could not find the hat she wanted. It took me a few attempts but I got it done. Steph recently reminded me about it as it came up on her memories on Facebook.

The hat was rainbow colored with a black pom-pom mow hawk.

When I first made a Facebook page for what would turn into College Street Creations- it was originally called Crochet Geek. I started selling items I had crocheted. I still use my 31 tote that I had embroidered that say Crochet Geek. I still crochet, just not as much as I want to. Usually in January and February when life is a little bit slower and I am home more, is when I am able to sit down and crochet a few things. But looking back 12 years ago, I didn't even know Kelly and I was still teaching at the time. Crazy how fast things change over a few years.

An info graphic I shared from 10 years ago under Crochet Geek on Facebook. I still love to crochet.

It was limited to those items because that was all I thought about making. Eventually I added burlap and deco mesh wreaths and re purposed items. Think pictures painted with chalkboard paint, jars up cycled, reclaimed wood projects. Looking back some of our projects were pretty cringe worthy. I tell myself that everyone has to start somewhere. If we had not started then, we wouldn't be where we are now.

Steph said that she has the hat tucked away for safe keeping. I hope she knows how much that one order changed my life. Who would have thought that something so small would turn into something so life changing? Now look at us!

It's humbling looking back. When we signed the first lease on our storefront in Savanna in May of 2015, we laughed at each other and said when we fall on our faces we will return to our old jobs. That never happened. Oh how we have learned so much and grown. It's been so much fun to meet so many great friends.

So Steph if you ever read this- please know that I love you. And thank you for believing in a young lady who had big dreams and you gave her a step in the right direction towards those dreams.

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