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...she will paint everything...

My last blog post was titled if you give a girl a paint brush, so I figured this would be a follow up to that. Which works perfectly because I found something else to paint with Rethunk Junk.


When my kiddo saw me carrying this cracked orange ottoman through Goodwill- they rolled their eyes and said, "Let me guess you're gonna paint that? " I trotted past them- happier than a bird with a french fry.

Thankfully when we got home the sun was shining and there was a breeze. It was perfect weather to paint outside. This ottoman is going in our living room so I knew right away some shade of grey I had on hand.

Sprayed down with Prep and wiped dry and clean. I was surprised it was pretty clean. First coat of paint applied was very thin. Thankfully with the help of mother nature the paint dried as fast as I put it on.

A new color called True Grey was perfect. It took 3 coats total. Mainly because I wanted to make sure that I filled in any tiny cracks.

Just look at the difference!

You can still see the really deep cracks on the top but only if you're looking for them. I paid $2.88 for it so I'm just thrilled it looks this good.

Kelly couldn't believe how soft it still is. It's mind blowing. As I paint I fall more in love and my "to do" grows. I just ordered a paint sprayer to try too...

Stay tuned for the next project.

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