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Over 50 Mother's Day gift ideas

How is mother's day a week away. Wasn't Christmas just a month ago? Our family almost always does the same thing. I get a card from Brianna and her dad along with a hanging flower basket, Kelly takes me shopping for my garden plants and a hanging basket. I get my mom a hanging basket and we usually share a plate of fresh morels that Kelly has found and fried up for us. It is perfect for us and how we celebrate, so I hope you get to do whatever you want. We started talking today about how we should change it up a little this year and then this topic came to mind. What else would I want for mother's day? Here is our family brain storm session to maybe help you out when shopping for your mom or wife or whoever!

  1. fresh flower

  2. house plants

  3. garden plants (think hanging basket)

  4. soft slippers

  5. gourmet candy

  6. pretty bird feeder

  7. cute bird house

  8. shoes

  9. funny coloring book and fine tip markers

  10. a gift certificate to her fav restaurant

  11. a day at the spa

  12. a gift certificate from a local boutique

  13. a new purse or wallet

  14. a bottle of wine or her favorite drink

  15. gourmet tea and a tea cup

  16. coffee and a personalized coffee cup

  17. a photo book

  18. a personalized blanket

  19. a car detail

  20. pedicure/manicure

  21. handmade earrings

  22. garden décor

  23. a family photo session

  24. her favorite candle

  25. perfume

  26. handmade necklace

  27. inspirational book

  28. bath robe

  29. funny welcome door mat

  30. personalized insulated tumbler

  31. fun DIY kit

  32. a new watering can

  33. wine bottle stopper

  34. a puzzle

  35. sunglasses and a sun hat

  36. gardening tools

  37. kitchen gadgets

  38. coloring books

  39. macramé décor

  40. subscription to something she likes (craft kits, magazines, food & books)

  41. new makeup brushes

  42. portable Bluetooth speaker

  43. air pods/earbuds

  44. skin care tools (facemask, facial rollers, towel warmers)

  45. windchimes

  46. weighted blanket or eye mask

  47. nail polish & tools

  48. personalized book ends

  49. personalized family art

  50. key chain

  51. car charm

  52. journal

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