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My favorite {and easy} decorating tips

Mount curtains high above your windows The closer to the ceiling, the grander the room will feel.

Hang art pieces right at eye level. Aka 57 inches off the ground.

Station pretty baskets around the house. Three cheers for strategically placed clutter catchalls.

Style decorative objects in odd numbered groupings. Use the “rule of three,” people.

Layer your light sources. Task, ambient and accent: Layers = warmth.

Always, always make your bed

Nothing says “I don’t care about my home” quite like a duvet cover crumpled on the floor.

Use rugs to separate zones. Voilà: Insta-dining room in your open-concept kitchen.

Think of produce as decor. Fruits and veggies in a bowl make a gorgeous centerpiece in a pinch.

Decant your dish and hand soap. The presentation is just light-years better looking.

Clean your windows regularly. Trust: It makes a world of difference.

Make big statements in tiny rooms. Powder/laundry rooms + brazen wallpapers are always a good idea.

Pendants should hover roughly 3 feet above surfaces That goes for islands, bars and dining tables.

Use real bowls for your dog bowls So much prettier.

Mix mediums in a gallery wall. Matchy-matchy is a major no-no.

Most importantly If something doesn’t 'bring you joy,' toss it. Thanks for that one, Marie Kondo.

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