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Looking for a furniture or Cabinet PAINT????

Looking for a furniture or Cabinet PAINT????

We have been getting A LOT of questions about this awesome paint we carry in store.

Here's some information about Rethunk Junk paint.

There are new paint lines popping up seems like almost daily!

Here are the questions we’re asked most often….

1. Can I really start my project without sanding??

With a Rethunk Junk product for you to use (the Prep) and then you really DON'T sand and you really DON'T prime!!! You jump in and paint.

2. Will it cover in one coat?

You can always quit after one coat….if that’s the look you want. Lots of lines that advertise one coat also have a lot of fine print on the dry time before you start your second coat. We tell you up front – it’s gonna be two coats. You want your piece to be beautiful? Two coats.

3. What’s the dry time with your products?

There are more than a few lines out there that require 12 to 24 hours dry time, between coats, before you wax, before you glaze, before you touch it-not this! Turn on a fan – and you can get your piece dry in 20-30 mins. What allows us to teach a paint class in two hours – you paint a piece of furniture in ours and take it home completed….most other lines allow you to complete an 8 inch piece of molding! They cant offer the furniture option because unless you bring jammmies, there isn’t time to complete it!

4. Do I have to wax my piece?

Um…..we would like to respectfully scream NO!!! This paint actually has sealer in it – so you can paint and be DONE!!! Want the look of waxing? Try to GLAZE your pieces. Super easy – super fast – and super beautiful! RTJ glaze also contains sealer – so you ‘re sealing as you glaze….We also have a clear sealer that allows you to mix a custom glaze with any of our 20 paint colors! And they offer a commercial grade polyurethane for sealing high use pieces. [Tuff Top]

5. How safe are the products?

Have you giggled at the “safe” products out there that recommend specific types of face masks and gloves and actually warn of the risk of respiratory issues – tell you to make sure you’re working in a well ventilated area – allude to health risks….it’s kinda scary. RTJ products have virtually no odor at all….are completely safe to use – all water based – and some of Laura's kids even swear one of our colors tastes like egg nog. (yes – they tasted it!)

7. What brushes should I use?

We just recommend a nice quality brush. No expensive options for sale by us….just use a good brush.

Bottom line? We LOVE to paint – we want you to LOVE to paint. We want your experience to be a positive one… whether you choose our product line (great choice) or another one…..please read ALL the fine print and make sure you’re getting what you THINK you’re getting!

Here's some more info and photos of before and afters and different things you can paint.

Have you used Rethunk Junk?

What would you paint if you knew you couldn’t fail?

To order paint online and have it delivered right to your door- shop our affiliate link here.

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