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Summer Boredom Busters

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

If you need some Summer Boredom Busters for your kids, you have stopped in to the right place!

  1. Collect rocks & paint them

  2. Star gazing- learn constellations

  3. Play in sprinklers

  4. Make a mini obstacle course in your back yard

  5. Have a car wash, pet wash, bike wash

  6. Fly kites- make homemade ones

  7. Pick wildflowers and press between books – make into bookmarks with contact paper

  8. Have the kids make treasure hunts for each other

  9. Bug collecting & identifying

  10. Water balloon fights

  11. Homemade bowling with water bottles

  12. Learn Geocaching

  13. Make bird feeders or bird houses

  14. Picnics

  15. Bubbles

  16. Build towers with rocks

  17. Go on a night walk with flashlights & glow sticks

  18. Feed ducks at the pond

  19. Roller skating

  20. Water gun fight

  21. Plant a garden

  22. Frisbee

  23. Photo or Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

  24. Bury toys in sand box & “excavate”

  25. Mud pies

  26. Host a neighborhood parade

  27. Melt crayons on hot rocks

  28. Flash light tag

  29. Look at cloud shapes

  30. Learn bird calls

  31. Have bottle races in the river or paddle boat races in the bath tub!

  32. Make milk carton boats

  33. Lemonade stand

  34. Paint the driveway or fence with water- or homemade sidewalk chalk paint

  35. Have a trash cleaning day outside or at park

  36. Play parachute with a sheet

  37. Sidewalk chalk painting

  38. Build a fort

  39. Charades

  40. Red Light-Green Light

  41. Mother May I?

  42. Jumping Rope

  43. Hula Hoops

  44. Simon Says

  45. Leap Frog

  46. Tic-Tac-Toe

  47. Sardines

  48. Capture the Flag

  49. 4-square

  50. Kick Ball

  51. Jacks

  52. Freeze Tag

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