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Goodwill- fun and flips!

2020 has definitely been one of the most challenging years I've lived through. Now I can add living through a global pandemic to my accomplished list.

But on the positive side of being stuck at home for a few months, my 'to-do' at home list has drastically dwindled. We've remodeled the house some which leads to new decor!

So off to Goodwill we go. Heads up if you're local- Goodwill still requires a mask to enter. We didn't have ours. And I was NOT driving the 30 mins back home to get them. Thankfully I had worn some old yoga pants that day. I fished my fingernail clippers out of my purse. Seriously we made masks out of the bottom half of my pant legs.

Whatever it worked- they let us in to shop. Bri had her shopping list and I had mine. She picked up some adorable clothes.

And I headed to housewares.

I grabbed what I needed/wanted and we headed home.


Fast forward a few days to work when I have time and I flipped 2 projects I spent $5 on into some super cute decor.

I spent $4 on this 24" wide shelf. Not a fan of the color. I grabbed my Rethunk Junk Prep and some cotton paint and had it drying in about 15 minutes. Before I headed home I roughed up the edges with my sander.

I think it's going to go by our door and I might add some hooks on the bottom for our keys.

My other project was a basket I paid 88 cents for. It's going to sit on the bottom of our coffee table to hold stuff.

This basket is about 12x12" and 5"ish tall.

I grabbed my grey mist paint from rethunk junk and put 2 thin coats on. And it is going to look better in our living room.

I love this basket so much next time I'm at Goodwill I'm buying all the baskets and painting them all!

So if you're looking for ways to change a few things in your home without spending a lot. Check out your thrift store and grab some RTJ paint.

Happy painting!

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