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Can we talk about saltine's for a second please?

Right now is the calm before the storm in our world. We are getting ready for the holidays at the shop, new projects, new DIY classes, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really do love the "ber" months but they seem to get so busy and go by so fast, don't you agree?


Back to school time is here, next thing you know it will be homecoming, and then trick or treat time. A couple of weeks go by and then it's Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to start thinking about crockpot meals and soups (who doesn't love their crockpot?)

Over the last few weeks we have been trying to use up the stuff that has been shoved in the back of the cabinets and freezer. But the one thing we cannot go without is saltine's. It's seriously such a staple in our house. I read a headline the other day about how people are going crazy over saltine's on TikTok. I haven't looked it up yet, but let me tell you about how great we think they are! A short and simple list of 10 different ways we love saltine's.


  1. crumbled up on top of ice cream (vanilla is my favorite)

  2. mini meat and cheese sandwich

  3. crumbled up in a bowl with milk (think like a bowl of cereal)

  4. meatloaf/meatballs mix

  5. a crust base (instead of a graham crackers)

  6. we use them in smore's

  7. just spread soft butter on them and them like that

  8. saltine's and crunchy peanut butter

  9. as a breading for frying stuff (chicken, eggplant, morel mushrooms)


I feel like this is such a simple a funny food to obsess over, but we really do. Saltine's also remind me my childhood and my grandma. Kelly says the same. Maybe that is why we love them.

Either way, it is a staple in our house. What is something simple and fun that you enjoy? even if it isn't' food. lol. If you know me, you know I am learning to embrace my own weirdness and I feel that a blog about how awesome Saltine crackers are is an accurate representation of my personality.

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