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5 DIY wall patterns anyone can paint

As we finish up remodeling our house I am stumped with what to put in the stairway going to our basement. I cant really hang anything on banister sides because of our crazy cats, but I don't want it to be plain either.

Pinterest to the rescue! But really this idea let to about 47 others. Isn't that how it always goes?

It took me just a few swipes to notice that there are so many fun ways to add personality to paint projects. I picked my favorite DIY wall patterns anyone can paint.


1. Herringbone Pattern

I think this is my favorite one and the one I will probably be going with in my stairwell. (I think in white with black brushstrokes) The trick to this is not be exactly the same on every stroke. Grab your cardboard and cut it at the size you want. Practice on the card board or a scrap piece of paper before you get started.


2. Scratch Stamping

I love this look and have a feeling I will be using it somewhere in our house or on a project soon. So simple- think of it as a rubber stamp. Just grab a piece of wood or honestly a couple pieces of cardboard taped together would work too. Wrap some yarn around it, and then practice on some paper before you start stamping. If you have been to a workshop you know my favorite phrase is less is more. This is a great example of where less paint is better to show you the texture of the yarn.


3. Faux Brick

Visit your local Dollar Tree or favorite bargain store and stock up on sponges like this. You can cut them to any shape or use as it is just like in the picture. Again less paint is more. This would work outside too on a concrete patio or porch step. The possibilities are endless.


4. Bubbles

Use a toilet paper roll tube- dip in paint and stamp away. you can do it in a pattern like the photo shows or mix it up and use different colors.


5. Brush Strokes

Last but not least. This looks SO FUN and simple! What do you think?


Extra Tips

- Have some baby wipes handy. These work wonderful for quick clean ups. wipe off a small spot on the wall before the paint dries if you don't like the pattern.

- Paintbrush, I LOVE me a good quality paintbrush. Kelly and I have our own paint brushes and know better than to use each others. Find a brand you like. I love Purdy and have found that our local hardware store (Do It Best- or if you are local Fred's) had the best brushes hands down. Harbor freight has a few decent ones too.

- Take your time. All of these wall patterns are best when they aren't exactly perfect and even.

If you try and of these methods make sure to send us your pictures- we'd love to see it.

Happy Painting

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