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The Ultimate White Elephant gift list

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

This list and blog has been so much fun to work on. I hope it makes you chuckle a few times. The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is getting in the spirit. It's such a special time and most people love it, but for some it's just not what it used to be. For those people who are like me, and use humor to deal with all sorts of issues....blah blah blah. You know all the mushy stuff.

Here is the Ultimate Whilte Elephant gift list. Ranked 8 to 1. From one that you might be able to get away gifting to grandma to a serial killer cutting board that every one needs in their kitchen.

You might be able to get away with gifting grandma our "Dick in the box" ornament because it just looks like a gingerbread cookie holding a present- but in reality you know what it is supposed to mean. Also a great gift for a co worker- especially if they work at a spicy club! There are a variety of options too

These are really just a great gift for anyone- both the plant lovers and the plant killers. They can come in a variety of colors and sayings too.

These were super popular 2 years ago. One of the reasons we actually looked into getting a laser. I was determined to make these, but we really didn't sell that many. Anyways, fill it up with mini liquor bottles- empty or full, your choice.

These bathroom jar tags are subtle joke. Cute and easy- just add the jars and you got a funny gift.

You're going to want to favorite these on Etsy. They will come in hand later. These wooden penises are a great way to prank your boss, coworker, friend or family member. They slightly vary in size and shape and color- just like in the wild!! But they roughly measure 1.5" inches by a half an inch. You will get 50.

They are laser engraved and then cut out for the perfect gag gift. Want these shipped to someone anonymously we can help you with that as well!!!! Can be shipped anonymously with no return address.

So story time- a few years ago when we first started making ornaments, we had a group of ladies come in for a workshop. These camel toe ornaments where stacked in a pile waiting to be shipped, and the ladies didn't know what a camel toe was. So I had to figure out a polite way to explain it. Talk about an interesting conversation.. These are cute and funny, and can also be a subtle addition to anyone's decor.

There really are no words for these.

We sell a TON of these, the joke around the house is not everyone gets to paint thousands of penises at Christmas time. They are all over the house drying right now as I type this. They come with 5 different saying, and everyone who gets one- says that they are bigger than expected. That's what she said. HAHAHA!

1. Eat 'Em board This is one of our most consistent top sellers- perfect for anyone who loves watching true crime or serial killer documentaries. I promise if you need a gift- this one is one to get a reaction.

That's it folks. If none of these made you laugh, I'm sorry! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate.

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